The idea of was to simply have a place to show other enhtusiast my automotive story and what has shaped the cars I now own as well as the ones I've built in the past. This site is just how it sounds, it's a working photographic journal of all the cars I have owned and the modifcations each car has gone through. A photographic automotive storyboard.


Having spent so much time browsing through online vendors, forums, and culture sites of the auto industry, I started to develop quite a list of my favorite links. You can share in my list of vendors, forums, automotive culture sites, as well as browse my shop for some of my favorite photos that I've turned into screen savers, phone backgrounds and even some prints. > resources > culture > shop


LIKE THE IDEA? Interested in having your own Enthusiast site? Want to be able to hand out a slick looking business card with your own custom URL directed right to your journal of pictures at your next meet or get together? With our help, you most certanly can. Start collecting your favorite pictures and click below.
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